Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I have a good excuse, honest...

So... some upcoming reviews have been delayed by the fact that I'm busy, and also because I've caught the flu. Not of the avian variety I hope.

Although I am still generally listening, my nose is blocked and my ears are 'clicky' so obviously any reliable listening evaluations are out for the time being. I'm organising my notes (or in my present condition: "urganising by dotes") on the JVC phones and will have it up fairly soon. It doesn't really warrant the build-up I've ended up giving it but anyhoo, it'll be finally up.


Anonymous said...

I am curious, will you review the iPod 5G?

Anonymous said...

LFC_SL again

Hmmm your comment suggests a lot about the JVCs....

Try taking a couple of vitamin C tablets

or hit a sauna/steam room

I myself have just recovered from the cold

bangraman said...

"I am curious, will you review the iPod 5G?"

Well... everyone and their brother will be doing so, so I think it'll be some brief notes. I am just about to place a 5G on order.

Anonymous said...

I know, but the problem with most sites is that they do not thoroughly test the sound quality. For instance take the iLounge review, it is a very good review, don't misunderstand me. But they rate the sonic difference as being only minor, while I find it really big. Now I have read the IEMs they used are not as receptive to amping as the ones I use, the Shure E4, which might account for the difference.

I am very curious how the bass roll off is of the 5G. How the new iPod compares to its little brother the Nano and the X5.

I already have it, and still I would like to know the opinion of someone like you. Because I rate this site (and thus your opinion) really high!

Btw, the Shure E4 and the 5G have really good synergy!

Finally I wish you the best of health (English is not my native language, and I am not sure how to say it, if I am saying it right..).