Friday, February 25, 2005

iRiver H10. OK, so...

Now I can't get any music to load onto it. Searched, other people having same problems. No response from iRiver on my initial queries too.

My overall impression is that as it is, the H10 is a C-minus player packing good looks and the colour screen to divert attention away from it's many fundamental flaws. The colour screen is also not that useful in the end, as photos come out in a pretty useless way on it, with no possibility of outputting to video either. If it were the same price or cheaper than the competing players, I could allow it some leeway... but it's got a premium price. It's also deficient in music navigation and cueing features even if the bugs were fixed.

Recommendation: Avoid for now, and keep an eye out for the Zen Micro Photo. I've made up my mind; mine's going back.

Edit: Or maybe not. Had a word with the guys at the store, they're OK with me keeping it for a while.

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