Thursday, December 23, 2004

Hi and welcome.

I've decided to start a blog where I can dump all my notes about headphones, portable and home audio and associated paraphenalia in general. I'm known by my nick of 'bangraman' on Head-Fi. This isn't my biggest geeky hobby (studying ancient writings is probably my geekiest) but it is the one which I generate the most words written by far. So, I've decided to collect my writings into one central location... and this is it.

I thought about starting a review and score site which allows people to post as well, but I think that such sites are a bad idea because after a while they tend to favour just a few core phones, which people reading them buy then post favourably on, etc until a disproportionate level of superiority is given to just a few products. That's why I like the ongoing discussions that happen at Head-Fi. So what you'll get here are my (fairly unbiased, I hope) personal opinions on the phones. With nearly a hundred phones to my name so far, used and tried out of many sources and amps, I'm better qualified than most to give such opinions. The good thing about this is that since there is only one pair of ears for all the opinions listed herein, the relative opinion you get is pretty consistent.

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